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Being in business without a circle of other entrepreneurs for support and advice makes one’s journey to success tough. The reality of this has led budding businesspersons to feel the need to look for likeminded people. While the idea is noble, people often stop when they realize that they aren’t sure where to look or even how to approach another entrepreneur. Where does a car accident lawyer Vancouver entrepreneur find a community? To read more on all things entrepreneurial, visit Brand Stories’ website.  Meanwhile, here are some tips to help.


By nature, this platform is all about business. When people set up their profiles, they are purposeful about it. For the most part, most of them are keen about making connections with people they otherwise would not be able to meet. You do however need to be patient with the platform because only 40 percent of users check the platform daily. However, once you do connect, you can move to more personal mediums such as emails and in-person meetings. Remember to send a simple thank you message for new connections.


Facebook is not the only platform where you can get likeminded thinkers. There are various groups across multiple platforms that you can tap into. You are not always guaranteed to get groups with everyone just like you, but you will get to connect with people who will soon prove to be a part of your success. Don’t always gravitate toward people who think like you. There is a lot to learn from others in different industries. Such groups are also primarily successful because of the flow of information and private events and meetups that happen.

Event pages

Networking is a vital part of a business. It is therefore helpful to sign up for newsletters or like pages related to your field. The events will not always be free, so you have to consider the benefit of the event itself before committing. To know what’s happening you ought to follow the heavy hitters in your industry, whether companies or individuals, to know where they will be. It can be overwhelming initially, but it helps to check reviews comments and engagements to know what if they are worthwhile.

Final word

Your reason for wanting to meet people is based on what you need, but when it comes to joining these groups, the opposite should be true. For you to maximize your connections, you first have to be willing the help and expect nothing in return. Once you show yourself to be giving and also genuine while doing it, people will be more willing to return in kind. We live in a world that takes, and it is, therefore, refreshing for others to find someone willing to give of themselves. That is the foundation of a genuine relationship with other entrepreneurs.