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Top tools for a digital nomad


Image source: Pixabay

Have you ever fantasized about leaving the office forever? Nowadays, this is a feasible option: you can sustain your career by freelancing and traveling the globe.

As dreamy as this sounds, there’s a lot of work that goes into a nomadic lifestyle. You need to be hyperorganised, reachable and prepared for any situation that the road might throw at you. So if you’re seriously thinking of living the mobile life, here are some valuable apps, websites and gadgets (aside from the obvious like a laptop, travel adapter, etc.) to help you on your way.

Stay powered up

There are few feelings worse than losing charge on the go, especially when a client is expecting a project to be delivered. Make sure you always have power with a portable USB battery pack, and you won’t be scrabbling around to find an outlet. Read this article for more advice on picking the best model for your needs.

Block out and listen up

An excellent pair of headphones are an absolute must: you need to cancel out distracting background noise and a microphone for client calls. For those that prefer in-ear headphones, check out this list of the best models of 2015; for those that prefer over-the-ear headphones, here are some ideas.

Go wireless

Even the best laptop trackpads are tedious to work with. Get a wireless mouse – it will make spreadsheets and photo-editing/design work much easier. To find one that suits your work needs best, check out this list from the Wirecutter.

Meet online


Image source: Pixabay

Email will only get you so far: having webinar software is absolutely essential. It’s important to present regularly to clients for project updates. Having some face-to-face time, even via webcam, is especially important for those working in a creative field, from fully understanding the brief to going over feedback.

Organise your projects

Being your own boss can be a double-edged sword: you have more freedom over your work, but it’s entirely up to you to stay on track. Trello is a great way to organise your work and travel plans, so no project falls by the wayside. It’s free, easy to use and lets you collaborate with others. To find out more, check out their website here.

Boost concentration

As a digital nomad, you’ll find yourself working in all kinds of different environments, some more distracting than others. If you need peace and quiet to get work done, check out Focus@Will. It’s a service that provides carefully-curated playlists to match your mood, energy level and cognitive type, all designed to make you work better and more efficiently. (This will work great with those noise-cancelling headphones…)

Connect with other nomads

It can be a bit lonely on the road, so reach out to other nomads and create a support group! Some great sites to find work, network with other freelancers and share travel tips are: Where My Nomads At, Nomad List and Nomad Forum.


Image source: Flickr Creative Commons

Yes, you can have it all: you can see the world, live in different cultures, meet all kinds of people and make a living. Hopefully this brief list will help you on your new nomadic adventure.