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Time is Money: How Business Professionals Boost Productivity Levels

In this fast-paced world we live in, 24 hours somehow does not seem to be enough to complete all our daily obligations. Balancing personal and professional life is one of the greatest challenges of today, especially if you are a business owner yourself.

The first step towards business productivity in your company requires identifying factors that are weighing you down, so that you are able to prevent them, or suppress if they already exist, such as health issues. You can come up with a solution such as setting up an onsite clinic at the workplace. Doing that can also help you increase workplace productivity, as your employees can get quick medical fixes without leaving the worksite. Apart from this, there can be other areas that you can work on to increase productivity. So, what exactly can you do to make your employees more proactive??


One of the main productivity killers are unhappy employees. Their feelings of dissatisfaction highly likely stem from boring and monotonous tasks, what eventually results in them not being able to complete more challenging tasks that come along. For this reason, employers are encouraged to use gamification techniques. Namely, tasks employees don’t find interesting (such as reporting) can be gamified and made more exciting and appealing. It involves the use of rewards, points, challenges, badges and other game elements to make quantifiable and repetitive tasks much more engaging.

Defining goals and providing feedback

Statistics show that employees will feel more motivated to work if they know what they are expected to achieve. Setting both short and long-term goals will encourage your staff to properly manage their speed when working on a task in hand in order to meet the set goals. Furthermore, upon task completion, it is essential that either you or a project manager/team leader provides feedback to those who were included in the project. Words of praise will give them a motivational boost, while clearly outlining some of the mistakes will help them learn for the future.

Improving memory and focus

In recent years, more and more researches started emphasizing the potential a smart pill can have in the workplace. As these proved to improve our memory, focus and overall work capacity, cognitive enhancers represent a great opportunity to significantly boost productivity in a company. People feel more motivated even when conducing some less stimulating tasks and find it easier to do some things that were considered a stretch in the past. Ultimately, smart drugs showed great potential to individuals who are looking to improve their performance and achieve success in a competitive work environment.

Responsible use of technology

Refusing to leverage technology in this digital world will most definitely result in a catastrophe. Nowadays, we are provided with a multitude of tech gadgets and software which can significantly improve our productivity at work. Note that it does not only mean owning and using a computer and World Wide Web but different hardware and software solutions we are presented with. Software, like those you can find at places like KWizCom, for example, allows us to better organize our tasks, and in most circumstances, can provide great opportunities for remote workers.

Implementing additional network automation and problem detection software can also benefit a great deal to businesses operating through IT infrastructure. Features like real-time discovery and mapping can diagnose network issues to document accurately and provide solutions. By using software similar to NetBrain, you can avail these benefits along with a few more, which can increase your business productivity and assist your workforce during network breakdown.

Moreover, the rising popularity of mobile devices has provided easier access to collaboration and communication tools, along with work-related information and documents.

Enable skill development

Familiarize yourself with your employees’ needs and aspirations in order to find adequate ways to fulfill them. As a business owner, their leader, you are expected to provide opportunities for skill development and professional advancement. At one point, it will not be enough for your staff to master the skills needed to complete their everyday tasks; they will yearn for more knowledge and will be looking for new goals to achieve. Let them realize there are other things they can do, other types of tasks they can get involved in, and most importantly – that you believe they can complete them successfully. If you don’t help your staff develop on a professional level, they might lose motivation to work for you and look for other opportunities on the job market.

Are there any productivity-boosting techniques you apply in your company? Feel free to share your knowledge and experiences with us!