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Staring a Mechanics’ Workshop: What you need to know

If you’re looking to set up a mechanics’ workshop for business purposes you’re also opening yourself up to the potential for very rewarding and indeed lucrative opportunities. However, with this comes a number of factors and aspects you need to have in place before you start operating to ensure you’re both legally secure and that your company has the right tools for the job.


To help point you in the right direction, what follows are a few of these particular considerations that can set you on the way to a successful new mechanics’ workshop.

Have a plan

Any business requires thorough planning first, so this situation is no exception. Decide on the size and scale of your operations, what your budget is, where you want to be working and what services you intend to offer. Also, you should look at where you want to be in five to ten years and allow for expansion.

Get the right licences

You will also need to have certain licences and certified training and qualifications to run a mechanics’ business. If you’re not sure it’s worth checking with local council offices to be certain you have what you need in place.

Have the best tools

Next you need to kit out your workshop with the best tools possible, otherwise you run the risk of using second-rate goods that could a) break after use or b) cause more damage to whatever you’re working on. To avoid this you should invest in quality tools from a reliable, expert retailer like SGS Engineering for instance.

Start making your presence known

Before you open your workshop doors, you can start selling your business online and tempting potential customers – all for no cost at all. Setup social media pages on Facebook and Twitter and start following friends and family. Then get your followers to share news posts about your upcoming business and the deals and offers you will have available.

Have insurance

In a similar vein to having the right legal checks in place, you’ll also need different types of insurance such as business and liability insurance to protect your company.

As for your workshop handymen, you can get handyman insurance since they getting into a legal issue could reflect poorly on your business. The insurance can assist in lawsuits, property damage, and third-party injury caused by an employee that can affect your workshop’s reputation. To get more information about what insurance could benefit your business and employees, you can check out a site like or similar websites discussing industry-based insurance policies.

Once all of the above is in place, you should be set to start working and making the most of your talents and passion for all things mechanical. So take this advice and make your ambitions become a reality.