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How to Speed-Up the Process of Receiving Your Financial Claim Payout

Whether you’re taking out coverage as an individual or in your capacity as a business owner, the general feeling one gets is that insurance companies don’t really want to payout on any claims made. It’s all good and well for them when we keep paying our monthly premiums and there are no incidents to speak of which result in the need for a claim. The relationship between the insurer and the policy holder appears to be a very rosy one.


Things generally appear to go from good to not-so-good very quickly as soon as you file a claim however, even if only through the way in which the insurers start communicating with you. The customer-is-king notion all of a sudden seems to fly right out the window and you don’t get responses to your enquiries as quickly as you used to when you were previously enquiring about which policy to choose and how you were going to complete your premium payments. Look, it’s obviously not like that with all insurance companies, but generally you’ll tend to notice how quickly the mood changes when you go from diligently paying policy holder to someone who has filed a claim. Furthermore, we seem to be limited to just a few reputable insurance companies with proven track-records, so in a way we’re almost doomed to have to deal with the apparent delay tactics employed by insurers when it’s time for them to make a payout.

The best that you can do is make sure everything is in order on your side as this is part of what speeds up the process of finally receiving your financial claim payout, particularly if it’s a PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) claim. The other steps you can take may appear to be a bit obvious, but upon closer inspection you may realise just how easy it is to overlook them amidst all the craziness of trying to get the money due to you.

Get all your documents in order

The process of filing a PPI claim appears to be intentionally made to be a very rigorous and cumbersome one, but just make sure to provide all the required documentation in the right format and get your story straight. If certified copies are required, don’t skimp on any of that because those minor details will do nothing but cause further delays to a process which is already notoriously drawn-out.

Call in to follow-up

You may not like dealing with people in such a direct manner when filing your claim, but calling in to do a follow-up is important to quell any possible delays. Ask the specific question of whether or not they have received all the documents required of you. That way you’ll have grounds to push them to speed things up.

File your claim through a legal firm or specialist

A Stanton Fisher PPI claim as an example of a claim filed through a specialist firm is treated totally differently from a direct claim filed by a client. Insurers tend to deal differently with specialist legal firms because such legal firms simply know the law and can use their knowledge to theirs and the client’s advantage, so going through a legal or specialist firm to file your PPI claim will likely speed up the process of you receiving your payout.