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The Real Cost of Being an Addict

Addiction is not a game you want to have a hand in. Addiction is even worse than gambling in the fact that there is nothing that is just fun and games. When you’re playing a hand with addiction, you have no idea how much the chips you’re throwing into the pot are worth. It’s a blind bet, and it’s a bet you’re making with your life.

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The problem is that many people don’t see this link. Many who think that they’re not addicted or that they have no chance at becoming addicted are already addicted or they’re a lot farther along on the path than they realize.

The reality of the matter doesn’t hit you until you’re sitting at the table in a game of Russian Roulette, and the gun’s on you. Is it loaded? It’s anyone’s guess. Is that a chance you’re willing to take with substance abuse and addiction? Is it worth the fun and games?

Financial Implications

How much money is an addict really spending on drugs? That’s a good question. For each individual, it varies depending on the substance, the usage, and the dose. There is no doubting the fact that most drugs are very expensive. Even the cheapest drugs add up to a hefty sum when you’re using every day, multiple times a day.

A dangerous, but common addiction is cigarettes. To the person who smokes one pack a day, their expenditure on cigarettes is over $2,000 a year. That’s a conservative estimate. For people with heavier addictions, the cost can actually sky rocket to over $6,000.

Now that’s just cigarettes. It’s safe to say that many people who are comfortable smoking cigarettes are probably also comfortable smoking weed. That’s another $1,000 a year at least, in addition to the money on cigarettes. Couple that with alcohol, as drug users tend to group substances together, and the thing being smoked might as well be the money itself.

Relational Implications

So the money is going out the door before it’s even coming in. What affect does this have relationally on addicts and their friends and families? First off, an addict who gets pregnant while using a substance will more than likely be unable to cease use of that substance. This immediately means that the child of that addict will either be born with direct birth defects because of that usage, or the child will be more prone to become a user themselves.

The addict has already increased the chances of their child having a hard life. Furthermore, addicts tend to be drawn to other addicts who fuel each other’s addictions. This leads to no hope of an individual ever seeing the light. Those who are in the addicts life who wish to instill change are constantly pushed away and can’t handle the repercussions of being around an addict.