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Marketing Your Business Locally, Online And Off

Online marketing is the key to reaching the most people, and you’ll find that it even reaches people in your local vicinity. However, for a local business, marketing local may mean need to market offline as well. Yes, there are still people out there without smartphones and laptops.


Even with that, local businesses still need an online presence.There are enough people out there that use the internet for nearly everything, from a phone book to a guide. They will look up your hours, what you offer, and more. So it pays to promote everywhere you can.

Thinking Local SEO

When it comes to local SEO, it’s about more than just using keywords that tell people who and what you are, but also where you are. However, you need to make it make sense too. Simply using the keyword “chiropractor” is going to put you in competition with every other chiropractor that is online, in the world. But using “San Diego Chiropractor” will cut down on your competition.

Make sure that you are using connecting words when it helps your post make sense with the keywords you’ve chosen. Making it sound like a five-year-old write it is going to turn most people away. Instead of saying, “We offer great services at San Diego Chiropractor,” use “We offer great services at our San Diego Chiropractic office.” It just sounds more intelligent.

If none of the above seems familiar to you, there’s no shame in getting a Whitehat SEO Company to look at what needs improving and how to go about it. The term “white hat” hints at the legitimacy of the methods used and – as you can imagine – a lot of methods used in the industry that aren’t considered above board are referred to as black hat tactics. There aren’t many companies in the world that don’t have the services of an SEO Company on their side to improve their search engine rankings and visibility.

Getting To More Local People

Don’t just use SEO on your blog, and don’t just assume with a blog people will find you. You should also be on social media. At the least, Facebook is a great place to find local people, and more, and has the most options for sharing things, from links to videos.

Make sure you are using your local SEO terms, which will help get you found on social media as well. You’d be surprised at how many people search out local businesses on social media. And Facebook also gives them a place where they can rate and review your business and services.

Having Promotional Materials

People still like the personal feel of a business card in their hand, or the colorful photos they find in a brochure. This is why you shouldn’t just be online and need to put some footwork in when it comes to local advertising. You could even mail out postcards, yes in the postal mail service, with a discount coupon or advertising a new service. This can be sent out along with the product catalog that you can have printed from a company such as Printivity.

While the internet gives you a wider advantage, and allows your business to be more green, good old fashioned advertising still has its place. You don’t need to pay to put your name in a phone book, but an ad in the local paper may still have some standing.

Before your launch your advertising campaign, look at similar companies in your area and see what they’ve done. You may find something you hadn’t thought of that will work wonders for your business.