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Making money with online games

What if you could make a living playing video games on your couch? Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But, the truth is, this lifestyle is entirely possible. If you are great at playing games then you can become a professional gamer and use your talents to make money. Whilst this sounds amazing, there can be some health risks associated with gaming all day. Some monitors can give off blue light emissions, resulting in eye strain and damage. One way to avoid this is to wear blue light blocking glasses from Felix Gray. Those glasses can protect the eyes from this blue light, allowing gamers to carry on playing and making money. In this article we will discuss 6 easy ways for you to make money playing games that you will be sure to love.


  1. Gamesville and InboxDollars

These two websites are great for beginners looking to ease into the world of professional gaming. With InboxDollars, you can sign up for free and start playing games instantly to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards or game credits that let you play in game tournaments. Gamesville, on the other hand, lets you play a variety of games and compete in tournaments for cash. It’s quite easy to make up to about $10 a day doing it this way.

  1. Boosting

Being a beginner isn’t easy, especially in the gaming world. Gaming has evolved over the years and experienced gamers have a lot of foreknowledge that beginners just don’t have. That’s why beginners turn to dota 2 mmr boosting services and similar boosting services. Many beginners pay a booster to play on their account to improve their score and level, without them needing to actually play it themselves. Whilst the booster is playing for them, they can watch and learn. The market for professional boosters is massive, so you can easily make a lot of money by doing it.

  1. All Slots Online Casino

If you are looking for a fun and interesting way to earn some extra extra cash, you can’t go wrong with All Slots Casino pokies. This site is powered by the superior Microgaming software, which guarantees unbeatable security as well as high quality graphics. Plus on this site, beginners can get up to 1,600 pounds in extra cash to possibly increase their chances of winning.

  1. Gold farming

Although you may think is impossible to farm gold over internet, gamers from all over the world have proven that it can be done for a while now.

Gold farm farming is simply the buying and selling of items for a specific game’s currency. And, did you know there are some games that will let you find gold and sell it for real-world money? For example, if you are great at playing World of Warcraft, then you can sell the gold that you find on the raids for actual money.

  1. Video game auditor

Before we begin, you probably should get a little bit of background about this particular option. Before selling M & R rated movies and video games, electronic retailers are required to ask teenagers for their idntification.

To make sure that their cashiers are enforcing this rule, retailers will hire undercover teenagers supposed as real customers. These teenagers report back to management and let them know whether or not they were askded for their ID. They are paid 4 each location that they vist and it’s a pretty easy way to make extra money.

  1. Game tester

Game testers are employed by large video game companies to test games that are in development and report any glitches or other problems that they might discover. What can be better for a gamer than getting paid to play video games on a professional gaming laptop or TV from the likes of VIZIO or similar companies? For them, it might just be the perfect mix of hobby and profession. However, although this sounds like a great job, this money-making scheme can get tedious after a while. Plus, you may not necessarily get to play games that you actually want to play and you will have to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

  1. Write a gaming blog

If you are a video game aficionado and are always up-to-date on the latest gaming releases and news, then you should consider writing about about your passion and making money while doing so. There are several ways to make money blogging, for instance you can create your own website and rent ad space, sell tutorials, or you can apply to write for an existing gaming website a blog. Regardless of what you choose, if you love games and have excellent writing skills, this can be the perfect way for you to make money playing games online.

What do you think of the choices listed above? Have you ever tried any for yourself? Share your thoughts and/or experiences in the comments below.