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Making a Good First Impression in Business

Making a Good First Impression in Business
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They say that first impressions count and this is no truer than in the world of business. Those active in the world of business, however, will need to think hard about how to cultivate an ideal and appropriate first impression. For instance, whilst it would be appropriate for a solicitor to be formal and reserved; it may be the wrong first impression for a wedding planner to make.

Furthermore, the cut-throat nature of business dictates the need to make a good first impression is not just limited to you. It is also extended to your premises and transport. This can be very difficult to not only get right, but also to fund when you are first setting your business up. With this in mind here are our tips on how to make the right kind of good first impression: –


The image that you have managed to portray with your snappy dressing and exclusive offices could be completely let down if you failed to arrive at a meeting in style. Again, this does not mean that you need to go out and treat yourself to an expensive car. Many car hire companies now have smart business cars for hire, for instance the Enterprise Business Rental Programme. This programme allows you to hire their executive vehicles for a flexible amount of time, whether they need them for a day or over the course of a week. Alternatively, if you own a fleet of vehicles for employee transportation, you can hire a company fleet management firm that can maintain the vehicles and keep them up and running. This way you may not have to worry about service updates, scheduling repairs, arguing over invoices, etc., rather the experts from the management firm can take care of your fleet. Such an act enables you to save money without compromising on the visual impact that you are able to project. Accordingly, in the transport business, the company needs experienced drivers who can deliver consignments on time and prevent any sort of road accidents. These two factors can help them gain the trust of clients in the business. Hence, they might need to look for a trucking compliance software (try this site if interested in such trucking solutions) that can help them choose reputable drivers for the business ensuring the elimination of any hiccups from the driver’s side.


Due to rapid digitization across the world, you will find that numerous businesses have taken to the internet to expand and reinforce their customer base. The establishment of company sites enables these firms, enterprises, and businesses to cater to their existing customers and take steps to expand their client base. But, in order to attract and retain new clients and partners, especially in large businesses, it is necessary to create a lasting impression.

This would entail you having to create a fool-proof, attractive and intuitive profile of yourself and your company online. Ensure that you have the website designed in a way that it could be informative and easy to use. Make no compromise on quality and hire the Best Headshot Photographer as well as a property photographer to have good pictures of you and your company headquarters/office taken to put up on the website. Dedicate pages to the past projects that your company has completed in sections under the portfolio. You should leave no scope for error and fill in every project and venture that has been done, how it could make a change and how a client could benefit from it. It is important to present an in-depth description objectively, and in a systematic manner, so that anybody interested can find what they’re looking for and be assured of quality deliverance.


Business Office
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Your company’s premises are, beyond yourself, the most important way of making the right first impression. This is because as the hub of your business it says a lot about it. For instance a company that would like to portray a small family friendly image would undermine this if they were based in the business district of a city. This, however, may prove to be in practical or expensive for some businesses. After all, what would be the point of a financial consultant spending thousands of pounds leasing expensive offices to create the right impression when they could comfortably work from their home office. Thankfully, this does not now have to be the case. This is because some ingenious companies aware of this very problem have set up virtual offices. You may now, for example, have a prestigious London address without the price tag by employing the services of a company such as Leo. Leo has offices all around London from upmarket Mayfair to trendy Knightsbridge.