Hello you guys!  Well sorry to go all 2009 on you but this is my blog and it just so happens that I still like to link out to blogs that I like!  I used to have these on the blogroll in my sidebar, but the designer that reworked the site INSISTED that it be taken down for SEO reasons.

Pa ho hum.

So without further a-do here are my top 10 recommendations if you are looking for a place to keep up to date with money saving tips and revenue boosting tips.  Please should note the slight UK Bias here, but they are good for everyone – check them out!


The newest addition to the list, someone I follow for SEO advice.  He has recently taken to advertising some dodgey stuff so maybe he won’t be around for long though!


Relatively new compared with the others on this list, but Spencer does a great job of making his niche projects work for him.  He also updates very regularly – making him a great guy to stick on your twitter feed.


Smart Passive Income is the daddy, from Patt Flynn and is the place to go for for advice on what is, and why you should all seek out a passive income.


NPI blog teaches you how to build passive income online in multiple streams. Work smart by working once and get paid over and over again.


Blogging tips to help you make some money through blogging (nice site but not working for me yet!)


Don’t tell the SEO’s but I’m happy to link to you here if you want any kind of a link exchange!  Just let me know and we can figure it out – BUT NO SPAMMY STUFF PLEASE!