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Keep Moving To Stay Financially Fit

There are a number of different ways to stay ‘fit,’ in the broad sense of the word, and almost every one of those ways is going to have some sort of connection with the idea of money. If that concept seems a bit abstract at this point, just take a moment to consider some of the implications of finances and fitness.

For instance, physical fitness allows you to do more activities that can make you money, mental fitness allows your brain to be sharp when making financial decisions, and general awareness of situations is going to allow you to be practical and not distracted in order to compete financially in any sales situation.


Stand Up and Walk Around

Doctors will tell you that a sedentary lifestyle has health complications. And you know what comes from health complications? A lack of opportunity to make money. So even if you think that sitting in a chair all day long and working is the best thing you can do to make more money, make it a point to get up and walk around regularly to keep your body, your heart, and your blood pressure under control.

Keep Your Brain Challenged

By signing up for ways to keep your brain challenged, you’ll be keeping yourself mentally sharp. How many stories do you hear of especially older people losing their edge and then losing their jobs because they can’t keep up with professional challenges? Right there is a direct correlation between mental fitness and financial consequence. It’s a very common problem, but what that can be avoided simply by paying attention to your mental state.

Avoid Common Distractions

Another way to keep moving to stay financially fit is to keep moving away from common distractions. Some of the more typical distractions that are going to keep you away from making money include social media black holes and mobile phone games. The more time you spend doing those things, the less time you spend doing the important work like creating your next project. Once again, it all fits in that general category of figuring out how to connect the idea of making money to the idea of wasting money by doing other things that aren’t as vital or productive.

Remain Flexible With Your Spending

That final way to keep moving to stay financially fit is by specifically remaining flexible with your spending. The more you get used to certain behaviors, the more you’ll stick with them just because they’re familiar. This is an excellent way to lose track of important new methods and techniques of gaining monetary advantage. Talk to investment advisors about new opportunities in this regard in order to keep a fresh financial portfolio.