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Is Selling Your Houses to Fast House Buyers Okay?

There are way too many advertisements this past year that some might say redundant yet catches their interest – especially if it says easy like 1,2, and 3! In this case, one of the main providers of such marketing is housing and real estate management; and to be even more specific, cash buyer sites where you can sell your house.

It may sound tricky and deceiving at first, however, some really do negotiate with these categories of buyers. Generally speaking, not all fast house buyers or We Buy Houses sites are created to scam sellers. In fact, there are a lot of legitimate housing sites on the web with credible certifications and testimonials.

And, if you have doubt about such house selling websites, you can also take the assistance of a real estate agent. They can enlist your property online through CRM software and provide marketing options as well to sell your property quickly. With the help of a neighborhood search facility (you can click this site to know more) in CRM solution, they may also contact you themselves to provide specific details on how an aid through a realtor may benefit you. That said, besides finding a genuine buyer, real estate agents can also help you to expedite the process of buying. They can suggest you hire the services of a building inspector for new homes or old homes. The building inspectors can inspect your house and make a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report that can ensure the buyers that your house is safe to buy and can work as a long-term investment. By reading this report, your buyers can gain more faith in you, which can allow them to reach a decision quickly.

However, with that thought on hold, the big question remains unanswered – is it really okay to sell my house to fast house buyers? To further help you decide, here are some of the essential things you should know before making the final decision.

The Selling Intention

If you want to sell a house fast, then the first thing that you need to have is a clear-cut intention about your requirements. Apart from worrying about whom the seller would sell his or her home, the intention must first be established. If the intention is to simply sell the home with the deadline fast approaching then it is okay to divert to fast house buyers. However, it is still a crucial factor to check the validity of the sites the seller would want to file a submission. This is to assure that the seller is not the desperate type, which often are the target population of scammers.

On the contrary, if the intention of selling the house is for financial addition or to truly regain the home’s value, then maybe it is not the best option out there to consider quick cash buyers. The ability to weigh in the intention is the initial step to ease out other issues.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Picky

While everyone seems to be unpleasant about endurance in finding the cash buyer that fits their standards, it is best to be the opposite. Setting up a standard when it comes to who or what offer to take from these fast house buyers is a good idea to integrate. When it comes to choosing a buyer, a simple credibility check would do – for an instance, asking the company or the buyer about their business card; with this, you would know that they do have business details and can later on do a background search on them.

Addition to this, having to ask their contact details, a company that has a website (provided that it has content, vision-mission, testimonials etc.) is most likely to be legitimate. Through these tactics, the seller would know if the certain buyer fits his or her criteria or not. If the buyer ticks off most of the details included in the checklist (settle on a 70-30 percentile) then this specific fast house buyer may not be that bad after all.

Uncertainly Certain

Given the hearsay that a minority of We Buy Houses are hiding under the scam facade, this makes the idea of selling one’s home quite uncertain. However, with the information stated above, these buyers pretty much guarantee the seller higher certainty that their sale would not fall through compared to solo flights.

Apart from this, the seller would not also be worried about mortgage filing of a potential home owner, closing deal fall backs, and repair issues. Needless to say, there are hefty advantages when it comes to selling a home to a fast house buyer – and that is coming from the word itself, fast.


Overall, with the right research and knowledge about the target buyer population, it would be easier for you to dodge a bullet aka scams. Contrary to popular belief, scammers aren’t always synonymous to fast house buyers. After all, awareness and sensibility are always the best weapon when it comes to buy and sell.