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Insuring Your Business

Get Your Software Right From The Start

Is there anything in your business life that doesn’t require a computer for at least some part of it? Think very carefully about this question. This applies especially to those businesses that create software for other companies, luckily there is support in that area with companies like being able to assist.


The answer should be ‘no’, there isn’t.

We can shop for our household groceries online, we can search for a new car, we can book a holiday, we can check videos for any destination we want to view, we can speak to people on the other side of the world, we can find love, we can read a book, we can basically do anything we want to do, all thanks to the ever-evolving state of technology – this is the world we live in nowadays, it is totally digital.

Is this really a good thing?

Of course it is, but for businesses this also throws up a few other issues to address.

Firstly, you need to identify and develop the right technology for your particular business

Secondly, you need to keep your software up to date on a very regular basis

Thirdly, you need to personalise your software tools to ensure they meet every requirement you have, as well as any future ones too

Insurance software is a make or break issue for insurance brokers and companies, because if you don’t have everything in place, and if you don’t keep it all up to date, ensuring it meets your need and those of your clients, then you are going to lose out on big business, which will probably make its way towards your competition, instead of you.

What happens then?

You lose money, and if this continues, your company goes under.

Not a route you want to be going down, that’s for sure.

The High Importance of Insurance Software

Installing insurance application software like the one provided by SchemeServe can make it possible for you to run your daily business, but it is so much more than that also. Nothing is done manually these days, so of course you need a software package which allows you to produce and sell your insurance policies to your existing customers, and new ones also. You also need to develop marketing strategies which the software allows you to carry out effectively, continuing to bring new business your way, and allowing your business to grow.

So, what boxes do you need to tick in terms of your insurance software?

Your software should be:

  • Personalised to the needs of your business and its clients
  • Easy to use, making your employees happy
  • Updated regularly
  • Able to keep a personal touch of contact going with your current customers
  • Able to help you attract new customers and clients
  • Efficient and effective
  • Cost effective

Customer Relationship Management

As everything in life has become computerised, moving towards the online domain, there is a very real risk that we lose the personal touch. If you notice, even the automotive industry has taken a shift towards digital marketing to generate more leads. From the usual word of mouth, inspecting vehicles, and buying used cars, nowadays, with the help of technology and the right software, one can buy a car and inspect the details online itself. If interested further, you can discover this info here. That said, when you are selling something, and enlisting the custom of people for a long period of time, e.g. through the time of an insurance policy, then you need to keep a personal hand in things. For instance, letters need to be sent out, updates need to be done, we need to be able to keep a handle on enquiries.


A good insurance policy software package will do this for you automatically, and all you need to do is keep your customer database bang up to date. Introduction letters can be sent out, periodic update letters can be sent out, special offer letters can be generated, policy documents can be created, and when the policy is drawing to an end, introduction to new policies can be generated also.

This helps the customer feel that the personal touch is still very much there, and this can be the difference between them staying with you, or moving to a competitor, one who may not have this personal touch as part of their insurance software package.

Regular Updates, via SaaS

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, and this is all down to the cloud. The cloud is technology which stores large amounts of data away from a device, e.g. iTunes etc. You can use this with insurance software options, because this means you can peruse software packages online and then download the one which suits you best, via the cloud.

This also means that you can update your software regularly, keeping abreast of developments and new tools which may be useful for your business. You can regularly check the cloud for other packages that may work alongside your current one, or even change it entirely – the choice is yours.

Keeping Everything Simple

If your software package is difficult to use, all that is going to happen is you will have unhappy employees on your hand, and your service will suffer as a result. From a customer finding your company, to them searching online for your services, reading into it all, contacting you, finding a policy to suit their needs, obtaining a quote, purchasing a policy, and the whole underwriting procedure and maintenance, everything needs to be easy to do, easy to follow, and easy to change if necessary. A customer is not going to stay with a company who makes things difficult for no reason, so you need to streamline and simplify things as much as possible.

Regular updates will also help you run reports on your business and activity, helping you identify areas that can be improved or changed. This of course means constant evolution of your business, and that means more revenue coming your way, as you identify failings or potential areas of improvement.

So, if you aren’t running serious attention towards your insurance software choices, it’s time to wise up and realise how important this is. Your competitors have probably already realised this, and as we speak they could be running away with some of your existing and potential clients. Identifying the right software option for you, and keeping it up to date, could be the difference between profit and bust, in a very real way indeed.