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Income All Year Round with a Dynamic Pop-Up Store

Although it really pays to have a singular focus in one’s business dealings, sometimes it really helps to have a good measure of versatility and be dynamic. This is particularly true in the case of an entrepreneur who perhaps has some capital to work with but they don’t quite know which venture to pour that capital into.

The idea of operating a dynamic pop-up store is great to ensure one gets a consistent flow of income all year round and throughout any and all seasons. One could even argue that the very concept of a dynamic pop-up store is indeed still a singular focus in that you’ll eventually master the dynamics involved with the process and in so doing follow the money and make sure it keeps flowing in.

What you would need

Operating a dynamic pop-up store which is location-independent should be approached with the mindset of a pure marketing company, such as the likes of Red Bull. One might take a look at a company like Red Bull and conclude that it is indeed an energy drinks producing company, but that’s just the channel they use as an entry into the market — Red Bull can more accurately be said to be a marketing company.

So you would similarly need to build a base from which to work — an underlying parent company or parent brand which will effectively go into various dynamic pop-up store ventures. No need to have a formal office, although you should perhaps use your residential address to register the business. Customers won’t be coming to you to buy from you — you’ll be going to them.

The brand should be somewhat of a generic one and shouldn’t be suggestive of any distinctive speciality, so using the example of Red Bull again, the brand name is “Red Bull” and not “Red Bull Energy Drinks.” That’s the direction in which you’ll need to be looking.

What you’ll also need is a wireless credit and debit card machine so that you can target even those customers who would otherwise have been willing to buy what you have to offer, but don’t happen to have enough cash on them. As the whole pop-up concept is based on the principles of stealth marketing (in a good way, of course), it wouldn’t be all that surprising for your targeted customers not to readily have the cash on hand to purchase. In spite of that, Cash Drawers and counters would still be needed for those who wish to pay with cash.

By way of the products and services you’ll actually be selling, this is simply a matter of going where the money is and targeting the specific crowd gathered within the vicinity of your pop-up store. A pop-up store erected within the field of view of concert-goers for instance would be great to sell refreshments, t-shirts maybe, etc, and your official branding together with that portable credit card reader of yours adds the credibility which would otherwise be missing from a pop-up store.

You can contact Merchant Account Solutions for more point of sale systems that will legitimise your pop-up store, otherwise the important part is to target the market in relation to what the crowd is engaged in.