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Five Easy Ways your Business can save on Energy Costs

You don’t need to have a degree in business management, nor years of experience to know that a successful company is one that turns a profit. As basic as this is, profits don’t just come from how many units you sell or how popular your services are. Other factors such as your running costs play a big part in this too. None more so than your energy expenditures.

As your company grows so will its power demands, unless you find ways to make this more efficient, you could end up spending much more than you need to and reducing your overall profitability. Thankfully though, it’s not hard to work towards bringing these costs down; here are five easy ways you can try with your business:

#1 Change your Lighting

One simple change to make is to do away with your old halogen bulbs and replace your company-wide lighting with new energy-efficient light options. Alternatively you can also switch to LED bulbs which use far less power than standard models.


#2 Be Flexible with Working Hours

Thinking outside the box a little here, but by being flexible with your working hours you can reduce the amount of power you need for lighting. Also allowing staff to work from home on occasion (job permitting) means you can save on the energy they’d otherwise use in your company buildings.

#3 Effective Climate Controls

Instead of blasting the air conditioning in the summer and turning up the radiators in the winter, be selective with your use of climate controls. When it’s warm open more windows to promote a cooling airflow, equally open curtains and blinds fully in winter to let in more warming natural light.


#4 Full Shutdown

Instruct staff to fully turn off all devices and machinery when they’re not in use. Also set up your systems to automatically hibernate when they’re idle to avoid unnecessary energy usage.

#5 Change your Supplier

Last but not least you, should shop around for cheaper and more affordable energy suppliers. Or at least look for specialist suppliers for businesses like United Gas & Power who can create tariffs specifically suited to the needs of a business. You may well find a much cheaper option than what you currently have. Alternatively, your business could consider getting some solar panels installed instead. To find more info on solar panels, you could always consider contacting a company like Rooftop Solar. They should be able to help you see if it would be a beneficial investment. Electricity isn’t the only aspect of business utility costs. Water and sewage are also considered. If there are fluctuations in water bills, then it might make sense to switch water suppliers to reliable service providers like

Naturally, you can tailor these steps to suit the specific needs of your business, but whichever you choose, if you stick to these efficient practises and make these changes, your expensive business energy consumption could soon be a thing of the past.