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Could Your Business Experience a Revenue Boost Through Landscaping?

3 Ways to Increase Your Revenue By Integrating Natural Greenery

In any business, it all comes down to the numbers. What are you doing to boost revenue and reduce expenses? While the answer can be more complicated than the question, many businesses are finding a revenue boost by doing something simple and cost-effective: landscaping. That’s right, many businesses are choosing to Learn More about landscaping and how it can improve revenue.


While many skeptics find it hard to believe that a landscaped business could generate more cash, it has actually been proven by many experts. Your business image and likeability could be greatly affected by how you landscape. Included here are a few businesses that may experience a significant boost from landscaping.


Perhaps the most obvious industry that could benefit from a planting boost is the restaurant industry. While you may be thinking dirt and food don’t mix, they can actually work quite well in the same space; as long as you only consume one. Other than food and service, the biggest player in the restaurant industry is atmosphere.

The cost of eating out is astronomical compared to cooking for yourself. So what elements are making dining out worthwhile? A refreshing, relaxing atmosphere can work wonders for your patrons. Studies have shown that restaurants with natural elements, like green plants and natural wood, are the most calming and enjoyable to patrons.

If you are looking for a revenue boost in your restaurant, bistro or bar, consider adding a little greenery. Potted plants can be great to integrate indoors, but it is also wise to have an outdoor seating area in the warmer months. A garden-like atmosphere can be incredibly unique and desirable to patrons, and you will see a significant return in your revenue.

Book Stores

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a good book is that it has the ability to transport you to another time or world. You can feel like the city you live in is nothing more than a distant memory. Unfortunately, if the sights and sounds of the city are pressing in on you as you read, you may find it difficult to escape.

In order to promote the happiness of your clients within a bookstore or library, consider integrating plant life in reading nooks that screens out the street or business element. Making the environment comfortable encourages customers to linger and peruse more shelves, ultimately raising your revenue for the cost of a few potted plants!


It makes sense that the place you visit to relax, should be relaxing. Unfortunately, if your spa has too much of a sterile or white-washed atmosphere, clients are not going to feel relaxed or comfortable. Spas must be hygienic, but your patrons don’t need to feel like they are visiting their doctor. Implementing natural sounds and smells through recordings and plant life can work wonders for your client happiness.