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Bathroom on a Budget

A bathroom redesign is possible to do on a small budget. Most people think that a redesign automatically means redoing and replacing everything, but with some smart decisions regarding DIY and fixing up existing fixtures, you can remodel your bathroom and still have remaining cash in your pocket.

Refinish VS Replace

Is it really necessary for you to replace the fixtures within your bathroom? If the problems with your bathtub or sink is just a purely aesthetic yellowing, refinishing it could be a cost cutting alternative. There are many “how to” articles online showing you different products (from homemade concoctions to bought products) to help you spruce up your main bathroom fixtures which will make a big overall difference to the look of your bathroom. Refinishing like this instead of replacing will save a LOT of money.

DIY VS Professional

There are certain elements of bathroom redesign which can be done yourself without spending the extra cash on hiring a professional. This includes painting the walls of your bathroom. This doesn’t require a skill in DIY to do well and the size of the average bathroom means it wouldn’t take long either.

For other more crucial aspects of your bathroom redesign such as any major plumbing issues, it is probably best to consider hiring a professional. Attempting to do this yourself, if you don’t have any plumbing experience could be potentially costly in the long run. If you do have some plumbing experience or feel confident enough to do it yourself, this is another aspect which will save you money in your bathroom redesign.

Smart Buying

It is possible to still get nice, premium products for a great price, you must be a smart buyer. Instead of purchasing the first item that you see in which you like, shopping around and looking for a better price is a smart way to save some money. Waiting for a sale or when a particular product is discounted will help you get the premium product you want, but at a less expensive price. It just might mean your redesign is on pause for longer than you’d ideally like, when searching for the right product at the right price.

These tips have hopefully helped you redesign your bathroom, at a cheaper budget than you thought was possible!