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An Investment of Time for Greater Yield and Rewards

I recently read a book (or rather listened to the audio book version of it while working) about creativity, but the main topic which jumped out at me was that of how religion, prayer, spirituality, etc, are all related to creativity and using that creativity to manifest whatever it is you want out of life. Well the focus was on how to get what you want out of your financial life specifically, but I guess it applies across the board.

There is no doubt about the high-ranking importance of your finances in your life and many people would perhaps rightfully say that they are the most important aspect of one’s life, given the nature of the world we’re living in today.

Anyway, the idea is that we are taught to ask for what we want through prayer and through other mediums of communicating with the spiritual world, hence prayers which include a request for wealth in some instances, or just a request for the easing of one’s financial burdens. If channelling the spiritual world really worked in this way then why aren’t most if not all the people who do it religiously no better off than the next person financially? Spirituality and religion are not meant to make you rich, but to improve your focus and help you learn morality. Those who have conquered these two aspects of the mind could put their efforts into their work, which would help them to earn a great deal of money. For this reason, reading the Bible or taking youth ministry lessons seems to be very important so that you understand the purpose of life and how to improve your character.

The answer is that we tend to devote too little of our time to the process. Taking prayer for example, the average person probably prays once or twice a day for a few minutes at a time at best. In relation to the bigger picture by way of how much time you spend engaged in other things that shape your life, that’s not very much, is it? In fact it’s quite negligible.

This brings into focus the correct manner in which to approach anything you want to get out of your life, not least of which is how you manage your financial affairs. You need to live, eat, sleep and breathe the good practices which will put you in a better situation…

You need to institute spending habits that complement your investment and income earning strategy instead of working against it! It starts with building up an ability to make sure every little penny you spend at least gives you the same value in return, but preferably a higher value.

It’s not at all easy because there are some areas in our lives in which the value perceived is based purely on that perception and may indeed even be sentimental in its nature. In this case you need to shift your focus to what matters, for example if you’re shopping for wedding gifts, the value contained in those gifts is NOT that of how the lucky recipient will react to that gift, but rather what they’d otherwise have to pay in order to enjoy whatever it is the gift you gave them affords them.

Apply this type of thinking to every financial decision you make, whether it’s a spending decision or an investment one, and you’ll soon be working with a financial surplus as opposed to constantly chasing down the next paycheque with which you seek to work off your debt!