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6 Medical Careers With the Highest Earning Potential

From a young age, most people are told that jobs in the medical field offer the highest earning potential. While you may be able to find more money working on Wall Street, you will not be helping people as you can in healthcare. Before choosing your specialty, it is important to consider which medical fields have the highest earning potential; you will certainly need all the help you can get to pay off those students loans!


Orthopedic Surgeons

Focusing on the musculoskeletal system, orthopedic surgeons are commonly known for doing knee replacement, shoulder surgeries, hip replacement surgeries and most importantly dealing with trauma. Most orthopedic surgeons face 8 years of school and then a 5 year residency before going into private practice. Average earnings in the United States for an orthopedic surgeon are $464,500 per year, so those loans should be paid off in no time!

Invasive Cardiologist

Evidently matters of the heart are not as valuable as hips, but their earnings come pretty close! Cardiologists deal with all matters concerning the heart, and the most money can be earned in performing invasive procedures. Your time spent in school is fairly similar to other surgeons, with roughly 8 years schooling before approximately five years of residency. Earnings for invasive cardiologists average about $461,364 per year.

Non-Invasive Cardiology

If surgery is not your forte, but you still want to deal with hearts, working in non-invasive cardiology can still rake in the big bucks. You are still looking at about 8 years of schooling, but may face a shorter residency. Non-invasive cardiologists work to diagnose and treat long-term heart conditions and earn an average of $447,143 per year.


Some of the biggest health problems and concerns cannot be seen from the exterior. Gastroenterologists work with all things within, including stomach and bowel concerns, as well as other internal organs. After 8 years of medical school, you can expect to be earning an average of $441,421 per year.


If you think all of those picture-perfect celebrities got their skin “glowing” that way naturally, think again. They may tell you all you need is a little extra water, but in reality, most of them have a highly paid dermatologist behind the scenes. Dermatologists deal with all things skin and earn an average of $370,952 per year.


Fortunately, the field of radiology is not as risky in modern days as it was for Madame Curie. Radiologists deal with medical imaging techniques and face the full gauntlet of schooling and residency. Clocking average earnings of $368,250 per year, radiologists certainly earn their keep but enjoy less patient interaction and more technical work than other fields.