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5 Must Have Stationery Items for your Office

If you want to have the right image, there are certain accessories today’s business person cannot be without. Image is everything in the cut throat world of modern business, and to stand any chance of making an impression, you need to do your homework regarding printed media. If you are uncertain about the image your company is presenting, here are some must-have items that should be evident in your office.


  1. Business Cards

Every person who works in the office should have their own card. The company logo, colour sets, and type fonts would be the same, and the person’s position and contact details would be the only things that are different. The initial design should be clear and include as much of the company’s branding as possible. If your business is located in Western Australia, and you are looking for the best printing in Perth, you couldn’t find a better ally than Greenlea Print, who can take care of all your printed media.

  1. Letterhead Paper and Envelopes

Any written communication you send to your clients should be on letterhead paper, and the quality of this is no less important than your business card. Good quality paper and printing, with a not too colourful a look, would be the ideal layout. Even in this digital world, printed media still has a vital role to play in business, and your letterhead and envelope should be professional and of the best quality.

  1. Presentation Folders

The sales team should have a set of printed media for potential clients, and this should be kept in a presentation folder. Product brochures and specification lists should all be well designed and presented, and this package will inspire confidence in your customers. The content would very much depend on the product or service you are offering, but suffice to say that a customer would have all their questions answered by the contents of the folder, along with the business card of the sales person dealing with their order.

  1. Labels and Packaging

Not all businesses require this, but if you are supplying goods to consumers, then you will need packaging and labels. Everything your customer receives from you should be of the highest quality, and design wise, there should be a common theme to all printed media, such as logo and colour scheme.

  1. Promotional Material

Things like key rings, plastic or paper bags, caps, banners, sunshades, and a wide selection of other gadgets should all bear the company branding. This can easily be achieved by using one company to handle all of your printed media, then the work can be coordinated, and your image will be complete.

Printed media is critical to the success of any business, and by forging an alliance with the right printer, your business will have a firm foundation to go on and achieve its targets. Image could be the difference between success and failure, so don’t take any chances with printed media, and hire the right company to oversee all your needs.