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5 Affordable Style Makeover Accessories For Men

Everyone needs a makeover every once in awhile, if just to refresh the energy resources in the mind and body, and kick a sense of the doldrums out. This applies to women and men, and also applies to people with extra spending cash, and the ones who want to find more affordable options.


Specifically with men, the need for an upgrade or update in appearance many lead you to the following five affordable style makeover accessories, including getting a new electric shaver, choosing a new pair of shoes, getting the right pajamas for comfort and style at night, a new set of eyeglasses, and for the workspace, new desk accessories.

Electric Shavers

Every man over the age of 17 could potentially use an electric shaver, even if he works mostly with a razor blade. There are the extra options that come with the headpieces on electric shavers, and with the prices of razor blades these days, buying a one and done electric shaver can save you a ton of money, especially if you take care of it. Just choose wisely from the available options, and you should be good for a year’s worth of appearance tweaks.


It can be easy to fall into the trap of having your standard work boots, your standard sneakers, and your standard flip flops, depending on your home environment, but as part of an affordable makeover process, go to a shoe store and find some shoes that match with specific environments or events. This could be a pair of the latest running shoes, or even a pair of fancier shoes to wear while going out to dinner, in order to spruce that overall look up out in public.


And pajamas, though not necessarily a public endeavor, can be a big part of an updated look. If you’re already in a relationship, then you could be going to cozy, comfortable and clean, whereas people on the prowl could be looking for a more exciting type of pajama look to showcase their personality type.


And since people spend so much time looking at your face, for people who wear glasses, one of the best ways to get a hook on a new appearance is by getting a new pair. There are limitless styles and colors to choose from, and they can drastically change your overall fashion vibe, even for an affordable amount of money. To change their style even more, some men could consider getting laser eye surgery or SMILE eye surgery to correct their vision, meaning that they would no longer need their glasses. That would give them a different look.

Desk Accessories

And for someone who wants to tweak the feel of his workspace, you can buy desk accessories that match more closely to what you’re trying to put out than what has ended up there by default. Get some new notebooks, new pencil and paper holders, and get a consistent theme going to get you out of an appearance rut.