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4 Tips for Getting a Gym Workout For Half the Price

Recent media coverage seems to place endless emphasis on getting in shape and looking fit. Americans are chronically overweight and unhealthy and desperately need to lose weight. Unfortunately, many cite a lack of funds as the reason they are unable to go to the gym. So how can those penny pinchers save on getting in shape?


By shopping around for a gym, you are far more likely to find a gym with a good price and 24 hour service, so you don’t miss out on workouts due to your schedule. If a monthly membership fee is not in the cards, you can try other options, from in-home videos to personal training equipment. Included here are a few ways to trim the pounds while cutting your costs.

Discount Memberships

As with nearly any business service, there will be special promotions run to get your feet in the door. Local companies may utilize the services of Groupon to offer a promotional membership or even allow you your first month free. This can help you begin working out for an affordable price and creating long-term healthy habits.

Additionally, getting a gym membership with a friend or family member can help reduce the costs for both of you, allowing for a more affordable and enjoyable workout session. Consider 24 hour gyms, so you are able to utilize your membership for its maximum benefit. Some gyms may offer discounts for those who are vets or community servants (firefighters, teachers, cops, etc.).

In-Home Equipment

If your main problem with fitness lies in simply getting to the gym, utilizing in-home equipment may be just the trick to getting you on the road to fit. Unfortunately, those equipment pieces can be anything but affordable when you are buying brand-new, so it might we worth considering home gym cost when preparing to set up your own. One of the best ways to secure an in-home training system for yourself can be through buying equipment used from a garage sale or Craigslist.

Free WorkOut Videos

With the mass availability of information on the internet, it is no surprise that you should be able to find workout videos for free. YouTube has countless different exercise videos, whether you are looking for cardio, weights, yoga, or strength training. Find a trainer who suits your personality and carve out time for yourself at the end of each day. You won’t have to pay any extra costs each month, but you can quickly get your body in shape!

Find a Buddy

Perhaps the most difficult aspect of exercise is that it can be hard to stick to. You likely find difficulty maintaining a workout pattern because you get burned out or there is no one to hold you accountable. The best way to remedy this is by finding a friend who will exercise with you on a regular basis.

If your friend is too busy to workout more than once a week, diversify! Go running with a friend on Monday, do yoga with your mom on Tuesday, do weights on Wednesday with your brother, etc. The more people you have holding you accountable, the more likely you are to follow through; and the best part is, your friends and family won’t charge you like a personal trainer will!