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4 Steps to Creating a Jewelry Business


For many Americans, creating their own small business is a lifelong dream. Finding something you are passionate about and want to do everyday can be difficult, but well worth it. Individuals who love to work with their hands and create delicate work may enjoy creating jewelry. Jewelry making is a great business to start from home and can prove lucrative if you implement an appropriate business plan. Included here are a few steps to creating a jewelry business of your own.

Find Your Niche

Most jewelry designers are going to find one thing they really enjoy doing and pursue that niche. This could be anything from embroidered beadwork to hammered copper earrings. Find something that you do better than anyone else and master your craft. The jewelry market is saturated with a variety of different things, and it is best you hone a single skill than try to market a little bit of everything.

Create a Company Name

Artistic people are generally fairly clever when it comes to making up unique, relevant brand names. Find a name for your business that suits your creative style and matches your passion. Keep in mind, you want to be sure the name you choose is not copywritten by another agency. Contacting a lawyer or the U.S. Patent and Trademark office will allow them to do a search of listed companies to be sure yours has not already been used.

Secure Your Domain Name

Before finalizing your brand name, check to see if the web domain is available. It is getting near impossible to run a functioning business without a properly maintained and marketed web page, so this is a necessary step for your success. Set up a webpage that looks polished and professional, even if you are just getting into the industry. It is better to hire a web development company, possibly a well-reputed one. You can find a list of some of the best web development firms at Visual Objects.

A great idea for jewelry makers is to invest in a great digital camera. Certain macro lenses are better at taking close-up shots and should be used for jewelry photographs. Poor quality, blurry photos will not speak well of your product, or the care you take to produce it, and it can hurt your revenue. If you are completely reliant on online sales, it is especially critical to do a good job photographing.

Start Slow

If you think this process is moving too quickly, you can ease into the business of jewelry making more slowly. You can easily begin creating product and then selling it online on another site platform. Sites like Etsy charge a small fee for each dollar you earn, so you are not liable for maintaining a full business website if you decide you don’t like it after a few months.