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3 Ways To Save Money While Living A Healthier Life

When people think about living a healthier life, there is often the thought that it’s more expensive and time consuming to make healthier choices rather than unhealthy choices. And to a certain extent, this can be true. However, for the way your health and life can improve by making healthier decisions, spending a few extra dollars seems worth it, don’t you think?


Luckily, some of the best choices we can make for our health actually happen to save us money in the long run. To show you how, here are three ways you can save money while living a healthier life as well.

Stop Smoking and Limit Drinking

Sadly, it’s easier than many people would like to think to become addicted to something. So before you get to the point where you need addiction recovery assistance for things like smoking, alcoholism or drugs, you may want to consider how your life can improve—both physically and financially—by stopping smoking and severely limiting the amount of alcohol you drink.

According to Christina Couch, a contributor to, the average smoker spends $2,555 per year on cigarettes, not to mention the additional costs for things like insurance. Additionally, the average person spends about $1,560 per year on alcohol, which equals out to about five drinks per week. By giving up these habits, it’s easy to see how you can save money.

Quit Eating Fast Food

While ultra convenient, fast food is one way to lose control of your weight and overall health very quickly. Not only this, but most people spend an exorbitant amount of money on fast food each year without even really noticing it. Although it might not seem like much to spend a few dollars on a fast food meal a few times a week, The Daily Mail reports that the average American spends about $1,200 on fast food each year. Rather than doing this, try to hit the grocery store to pick up healthier meal options—your bank account and waistline will thank you.

Substitute Water

Although water isn’t the most glamourous beverage to consume, it’s definitely the best thing for your body. And because water can easily be found in most countries, it’s also going to help you save money by choosing to drink water as opposed to other liquids. According to Paul Michael, a contributor to, drinking water instead of soda can save you at least $977 per year. That’s some real savings to be found simply by making a healthier choice for your drink at each meal.

Making healthy choices doesn’t have to mean adding a bunch of extra steps into your life. It can also be about eliminating things that don’t contribute to your health. So if you’re looking for a way to be healthier while saving yourself some money, try some of the options mentioned above.