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3 Ways to Be a Better Salesperson and Make More Money

If you’re someone who makes their living from sales, you know how important it is to always be looking for the best way to close a sale. Whether you work in online business or have more face-to-face interactions, there are always ways in which you can improve your ability to make a sale and have both parties leave satisfied. To help those who are looking to become better at their sales career, here are three ways you can become a more successful salesperson and ultimately make yourself a lot more money.


Hone the Right Personality Traits

It takes a certain person to be good at sales. Specific personality traits, when used correctly, can make or break the success of a salesperson. So what are the skills you should be bolstering exactly?

According to Geoffrey James, a contributor to, there are five traits that all great salespeople have. These traits include being assertive, self-aware, having empathy and optimism, and being able to solve problems. If you recognize an area within these five personality traits in which you’re lacking, try to focus the energy of your next sales experience on gaining firmer footing in that specific area. Not only will you become a more well-rounded salesperson, but you’ll also see your bottom line grow as well.

Learn to Cater to Your Audience

Personality traits aren’t the only thing good salespeople have on common. According to Erika Andersen, a contributor to, there is one overarching principle that good salesperson know, understand, and use to their advantage: flexible behavior.

Andersen explains that people who can easily go between being introverted and extroverted can most easily cater their pitches to their specific audience, giving them a better chance of closing a sale because their lead can feel better connected to the salesperson on a personal level. For those who feel that they have too strong of a personality in one direction or the other, consider how catering your personality and approach based off your lead’s preferences could improve your ability to sell and make more money from those sales.

Use the Correct Tools

Luckily, as a salesperson, you don’t have to rely solely on your personal ability to sell in order to find success. There are many tools available that you can take advantage of to give you the best possible chance of closing any type of sale. For example, Anum Hussain, a contributor to, shares that there are plenty of free online tools that can help you close more sales and make better deals with your clients or customers online. By choosing the right tools to use in the right situations, you can help yourself be as prepared as possible for a sales experience and up your chances of making more money and closing more deals.

The sales world can truly be “feast or famine” for many. To give yourself more “feast” days and less “famine” days, use the tips mentioned above to become an even more talented salesperson today.