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3 Ideas To Help You Stress Less About Money

There are a lot of things in life that can cause stress. From family issues to work obligations and even your own personal goals, stress can easily pile on to the point where it’s all you feel anymore. While all these things can contribute to feelings of stress, one of the greatest stress points people feel is with money. Whether you have too little money, too much debt, or too many spending problems, when you’re not right with your finances, it can leak into all other aspects of your life. So to help you relieve some of the stress that comes along with finances in general, here are three ideas to bring your stress levels down when handling your money issues.


Embrace Your Budget

Many people think about a budget as something that hinders their ability to spend their money how and where they want. However, Joshua Becker, a contributor to, shares that living within the boundaries of a budget can actually create a great framework for your life. The structure of a budget can help you learn to be happy with what you have, teach you how to save for what you want, and remind you not to live outside your means. Once you’ve embraced your budget and the realities of the money you have, you’ll find that you stress about money a lot less.

Change Your Attitude

When most people think about having money problems, they think about all the things they want to have or do that they’re unable to because of a lack of funds. But Amanda Enayati, a contributor to, claims that the secret to having less stress about your financial situation is to change your attitude regarding your relationship with money. This is especially helpful if you know you’re making enough money but somehow never seem to get a handle on that money. Enayati suggests seeking to be more grateful and mindful of the abundance you have and not always focus on what you want, eliminating the stress that comes from a perceived lack of fulfillment.

Don’t Depend On Money For Meaningful Relationships

Ashley Eneriz, a contributor to Everything Finance, states that one of the biggest reasons people become stressed about money is because they’ve inseparably linked access to money with the success of their relationships. This incorrect belief that you have to spend money in order to have a meaningful relationship—whether with your spouse, kids or friends—can put an enormous amount of stress on a person. To avoid this, try to spend the next few months building your relationships without spending any money at all. Rather than going out to dinner, take a walk around a park. This will show you that you can still have strong, lasting relationships without relying on money.

In order to have less stress surrounding the finances of your life, you’ve got to alter the way you think about and interact with your money. Use the tips mentioned above to begin stressing less about money starting today.